Shakeology Flavors

What is Shakeology?

Shakeology has absolutely changed my life!  

It really is the healthiest meal of the day!

What can Shakeology do for you?

  • Curb CravingsI no longer crave sugar (Seriously!  My parents think I’m crazy!)
  • Save TimeI would make mine in the morning, stick it in the freezer while I was getting ready for school, put it in the refrigerator at school, and by lunch time, it was ready to drink.  My daughter liked hers for breakfast because it kept her full until lunch so she wouldn’t snack.  Sometimes my husband and I will have one for dinner  when we’ve had a normal lunch.
  • Save MoneyA bag or 30 pouches will give you 30 meals worth about $5 each.  How much do you pay to eat out lunch each day? What does fast food cost these days (even a healthy salad)? How much do you spend on weekly lunch supplies?
  • Improves your digestion, Boosts your energy, and Keeps the weight off!You will feel full and be less likely to snack throughout the day and have the energy to move and exercise more.

If you want to see proof, this is a photo of me before and after:

from 185 pounds to 115 pounds
from 185 pounds to 115 pounds

Click on the link above to order.  Be sure my coach number is showing (Coach #175191).  You can also order other Beachbody products from me.

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