My Shakeology Link

Just in case the link isn’t working, this is my Shakeology Link:

My coach number is #175191


Current Flavors are Greenberry, Chocolate, VanillaStrawberry, and Cafe Latté.  

Vegan flavors are available in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cafe LattéWhy would you want Vegan?  It does not contain Whey!  Whey is what grows muscle; the Vegan will keep you lean!

Shakeology is now in a special formula for KIDS – Daily Sunshine!  Adults can drink this too.  It makes a great “light” snack.

Also, ALL Beachbody workouts can be purchased through the Beachbody on Demand (BOD) link.  You can now pay your fee annually, rather than be charged every 3 months!  Click on the white boxes at the bottom of my new “Coach” page to TRY a workout!

Some of my favorite recipes are listed under the Shakeology information link, and you can find many more on Pinterest!

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