Shakeology Recipes

The Shakeology Pantry

People often ask, “What do I need to make my Shakeology taste good?”  Here’s a look at a few items that I keep inshakepantry my pantry.  I use Soy milk (vanilla flavored and unsweetened – 30 calories for 8 oz.) plus water for most shakes, but you can use water alone.  I like to add Sugar Free Fat Free pudding to some shakes for added flavors (2 Tbsp. = about 10 to 15 calories).  I always have plenty of cheesecake flavor and butterscotch flavor on hand, because I use these the most, but pistachio, lemon, banana creme, and white chocolate are also good flavors.  If your shake isn’t as sweet as you like, add a little Stevia or honey.  PB2 is a great product if you haven’t tried it.  It’s powdered peanut butter.  Usually just 1/2 to 3/4 of a tablespoon (about 15 calories) gives the taste of peanut butter, and it’s not as messy.  Sometimes you might want to add vanilla (1 tsp. or 1 Tbsp.), a little honey, 1 tsp. of cinnamon, or even some nuts to your shake.  I buy frozen unsweetened sliced strawberries from Sam’s because I use those for many of my shakes.  You can have fresh fruit (bananas, raspberries, peaches, pineapple) or buy frozen unsweetened bags.  My husband loves peach Shakeology shakes, so I’ll often put a small peach-flavored Crystal Light packet (5 calories) in the shake to add a little flavor, and I like to add the strawberry Crystal Light to my strawberry Shakeology shakes.  When the shake is complete, you still have a HUGE shake, that always fills me up for lunch, that is 190 – 210 calories TOTAL!

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