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I’ve missed you . . .

I’m sorry that I’ve been away from the blog for a few months, but life has really been busy. The photo above is from my 40th high school reunion. Yes, 40 years!  I spent almost every other weekend traveling the 275 miles to and from Frisco, Texas, to Ruston, Louisiana, to help some of my classmates prepare for the reunion.  

My parents both celebrated birthdays in late August – my dad’s 86th and my mom’s 82nd.  On our second trip to Ruston for reunion planning, September 28, my dad had a minor heart attack.  He had a heart catherization done about two years ago, and the doctor and surgeon determined that he had 100% blockage in several areas of his heart. Because of his age and his type 2 diabetes, surgery would be risky.  About six weeks later, he had another minor attack, but at this point his management routine is to take nitro glycerin.  If he reaches 3 nitro glycerin tablets, he must go to the hospital.

It’s difficult to find classmates since we haven’t had a reunion in 20 years, so we were pleased with the turn out, and we’re ready to see each other again soon!  We had so much fun, enjoying one another’s company, dancing to the songs of the 70’s, and laughing about our aching knees and knee replacements.




We also had some EXCITING happenings in October.  Our middle daughter, Meg, became engaged to a wonderful young man, Charles Webster!  We all LOVE Charles, and the wedding planning has now begun! November 4, 2017, will be an exciting day for the Malone and Webster families! 

Enough about me . . . 

Finally, if you’re like me, I’m trying to get some Christmas shopping done now, and a Beachbody® workout, a membership to Team Beachbody®, or Shakeology® might be a great gift for a family member or even a gift to yourself!  Everyone starts the new year with resolutions, and 99.9% of the time, most people don’t keep those resolutions.

Here are the Beachbody November Specials: