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Monday Motivation – snacking

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I miss eating something “crunchy.”  So what are good HEALTHY snacks?  

  • 12 roasted, lightly salted almonds
  • 10 mini carrots
  • 6 mini carrots
  • KALE chips!

What?  You’ve never tried Kale chips?  I LOVE them, and they are so easy to make!  Kale is very inexpensive (usually around $1.00 for a bunch at most grocery stores).  Buy a bunch (or two – if you have children, they’ll love them).  

  • Pull the leaves off the kale stems, wash them, and let them dry very well.
  • Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.img_3677
  • Put the kale in a large bowl; shake on a little olive oil and some sea salt. (Careful with the salt or you’ll make it too salty)
  • Place the kale pieces on a baking sheet that you have sprayed with Pam (or some other baking spray).
  • Cook the kale for 12 to 15 minutes.  I like mine a little browner and crisper, so I cook for 15 minutes.
  • Dry on a paper towel.  
  • Store in a ziplock bag (if you and your family don’t eat them all first!)img_3680
Beachbody Monthly Specials

Beachbody on Demand® NEW All-access Pass PLUS

I haven’t been very good about updating this website, BUT that is one of my resolutions for 2017!  We have been busy beginning our planning for the FINAL wedding in our family in December 2017!  Yes, Meg has found her love, and we love Charles.  They’ll be married on December 9, 2017, in Memphis.  That requires me to spend numerous hours traveling across the state of Arkansas!

I do want to share with you the Beachbody®/Shakeology® Special for the months of January and February – Beachbody on Demand® All-access Pass PLUS!  The price is good through February 28, 2017.  If you love Shakeology®, and you want to add some new workouts to your fitness routine – without ever leaving home – you can now pay for BOD® by the YEAR!  If you’ve been on BOD®, you know your debit or credit card is randomly charged $38.87, every 3 months.  If you already have HD (home delivery) on Shakeology®, now you can get one year for as low as $99.  (There is also a 6-month option.)

What is included in BOD®?  EVERY workout program produced by Beachbody®.  Plus you’ll have access to new and upcoming programs.  Each program’s nutrition plans and fitness calendars can also be found here.  And Autumn Calabrese now has autumna Fixate Cooking Show® where she offers new recipes and tips to help you on your fitness/wellness journey. Don’t we all want to look like Autumn?  


Here’s a video that might tell you a little about the Beachbody on Demand® program:

This Challenge Pack would regularly sell for $231, but it is $199.  Notice I’m talking about the Challenge Pack (pictured at the top).  You get BOD® + 1 month of your choice of Shakeology® (Home Delivery would then be $129.95 each month after that) +  21-day fix portion containers® + the 21-day fix nutrition plan® + a free shaker bottle.  To order, the link is:

If you have any questions, send me a message or email me at OR  You can also leave a message here.